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Localtoolbox is the leading provider of cost-effective, uniquely branded web portals. Our Affiliates benefit from retained client loyalty by offering them distinctive local content targeted to their market mixed with wide-ranging national content, including news, classifieds, photos and video. At the core of our product is an easy-to-use, web-based publishing system that allows us to quickly recruit local content partners and edit user-generated content on your behalf to publish on the portal.

At the core of our product is an easy-to-use, web-based publishing tool which includes a proven formula. These tools allow you to quickly recruit local content partners to publish information on the portal Localtoolbox helps you create and manage. In additon to the compelling content created by your new partners, you can also choose from more than 350 national content sources providing news, weather, TV listings, market updates and more!

Where did we come from?

The concept of Localtoolbox was first born out of the online newspaper business in 1994 and was translated to cable operators as part of the ISP Channel in 1998. ISP Channel, which provided back-end provisioning to get cable operators into the connectivity business, went under by the end of 2000. At that time, Localtoolbox’s present CEO struck a deal to spin out the Localtoolbox software platform and continue offering the portal service to telecommunications companies across the U.S. Numerous MSOs were happy to begin paying for a reliable service that they were getting for free from ISP Channel a year before. Customer support was the birth of Localtoolbox.

Who are we now?

Localtoolbox now operates more than 400 community portals in nearly every state. We host portals for 45-plus telecommunications companies in the U.S. and Bermuda, and are happy to let our prospective clients talk to our existing clients.

Where are we going?

In early 2007, Localtoolbox officially launched its next generation of portal software, adding such cutting-edge technology as AJAX to facilitate “drag and drop” personalization and its all-new RSS reader technology. While historically, much of Localtoolbox’s focus has been on getting local content partners (schools, chambers of commerce, non-profit groups, etc.) to publish through its web-based publishing tools, we have begun to broaden that focus to include “user-generated” content. Our mission of engaging the community with compelling national content and features, wrapped around a core of true Local content, has never changed. But the methods by which we achieve that goal are constantly being updated and revised along with the software platform.

Why Localtoolbox?

Localtoolbox has been cash positive since its first day of business in January 2001. We have no debt, no venture capital and are not looking to boost our stock price through dubious press releases. We’re the rare commodity in a world of fly-by-night Internet companies: a real, working business that actually exists on revenue. Several of our competitors have gone out of business, waiting for their stock price to rise, while we steadily build a reliable and highly scalable business. A few of these names have resurfaced under different ownership, but their core values and, we believe, business models have not really changed and will fail again.

Our customers have to come first, because without them, we’re out of business.